Work-in-Progress Wednesday #4

Welcome to Work-in-Progress Wednesday.

For the month of July, I took a bit of a writing sabbatical, but I’m back at it full swing. Learning, writing, sharing, reading, and all over again. I’m currently putting the finishing touches on my short story Zebra Print Slippers, which I will be sending through my newsletter by the end of August.


Three years ago, Leilani’s life changed in an instant. She’s learned how to live with her blindness, but when her best friend returns to their small town in Pennsylvania, she doesn’t know how to tell him. After ten years in the military, Zander is home for good, but what will he do when he discovers the truth?

An Excerpt:

“Good thing she had her glasses and her blindness. If he could see into her eyes, he might know the truth.”

To see another excerpt from Zebra Print Slippers, take a peek at my last WIP Wednesday.

Writers, I’d love to read lines from your current WIP.

Readers, feel free to share a line from one of your favorite books. Name the author and book in case anyone is interested.


    1. momentsdippedinink

      Thanks for stopping by, Jen. So soon! I’m putting the finishing touches on it this week.

  1. Rebecca Page

    Oh I can’t wait to read this!!!!!

    1. momentsdippedinink

      Soon! I’m putting my finishing touches on it and planning to send it out next week.

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