Work-in-Progress Wednesday #5

It’s Work-in-Progress Wednesday! Writing is always a work-in-progress. As an aspiring author, I spend most of my free time writing, editing, or taking classes. This week, I made progress. Some weeks I don’t. Writers can’t make it without readers so I’ve started sharing a few lines from my work each week.

I’m currently finishing edits on one manuscript and beginning my next. While I can’t share the titles, I can share a few lines.

From my new work-in-progress:

“Five years ago, she chose the blank slate that was her life. Ryley leaned against the old, rickety chalkboard and closed her eyes. What she didn’t know then was that a blank slate could never truly be blank. Not when pesky memories floated to her mind at any given moment.”

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Your Turn:

Writers, share a few lines from your work-in-progress.

Readers, is there a line you’ve read in a novel that resonated with you? If so share the title of the book and a few lines.

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