One of the biggest responsibilities God has given me is to teach and instruct my children in His ways so that they can have a relationship with him someday. As a book lover, I am always on the hunt for books that teach about God so that I can surround them with His love. A love that I can share through reading. Then, I stumbled across this book: Bible Basics. From the moment I heard about the idea behind this book I was intrigued.Read More →

I tiptoed to the bedroom door–my escape to a few rare moments of solitude. I prayed, hoping Little Man would miraculously sleep on his own for just a few peaceful minutes. I stepped into the hall and watched his little body stir in response as I slowly pulled the door shut, cringing as the hinges squeaked. But, thankfully he remained asleep and I nearly danced with excitement. Silently, of course.Read More →