I blinked. The sunlight streamed through the sides of our darkening curtains and I turned on my side. Next to me, Little Man slept, a dreamy smile on his lips. To his right, Jared slept. I sighed and tugged my computer from between the nightstand and bed, prepared to return to my fiction dream-world. I froze, the computer on my lap, as I caught sight of Little Man’s diaper. It wasn’t connected. The snappi that held the prefold together lay to the side. The diaper lay flat underneath him. The cover somehow ended up wedged underneath his ankle. The diaper itself was soaked. I nudgedRead More →

Christmas is our favorite time of year. Especially Jared’s. In fact, if I let him, Jared would listen to Christmas music all year round and we’d never take down the Christmas tree. When Christmas comes, so do our traditions. Now, our family is still on the new side. We’ve been married five years and our children’s ages are three years and fourteen months. So, while we have traditions, we’re also still trying out new traditions each year to see what we like best. Which is why I’m here to share some of our established traditions, but also some things we plan to do a little differentlyRead More →